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Wave information is China's leading computing platforms and IT application solutions provider, at the same time, is also China's largest manufacturer of server and server solutions provider, is Asia's largest production base for the server at the same time, the world's largest IT product distributors and service providers server distributor Ingram micro company become a wave of English letter, and IBM established a partnership with the company.

The four business groups of the group cover the computing platform products mainly including servers, business computers, tax control machines and financial self-service terminals, and the software platform products and industry application solutions such as large-scale industry application software, ERP, group finance and collaborative office system.


In 1983, the first wave microcomputer was born in Jinan, which is the new starting point of China's IT development. The three major PC manufacturers represented by Inspur have brought the Chinese PC industry into a new era of being passive and active.

In 1990, Inspur developed the world's first Chinese pager and developed the world's first Chinese pager standard, which is still in use today.

In 1993, Inspur's technicians in Singapore developed China's first minicomputer server.

Since 1996, Inspur server has been the no.1 domestic server brand for 14 consecutive years.

In September 2004, Inspur server broke the world commercial intelligence TCP-H world record, which was the first time that A Chinese server broke the world record. So far, Inspur has broken or set six world records in the world server space.

In 2007, Inspur's State Key Laboratory of Efficient Server and Storage Technology, the only state key laboratory in the field of IT, was established in inspur.

In 2008, the "Wave Tissot high-end fault-tolerant Computer system Development and Application Promotion" project, a major special in the field of information technology under the "863" plan of the 11th Five-Year Plan, was approved.

On February 8, 2017, the National Engineering Laboratory of Big Data Circulation and Trading Technology was established. Inspur Tianyuan Big data Application mass maker space was successfully selected into the second batch of national specialized mass maker space.


The company focuses on developing intelligent computing business, deeply cultivating artificial intelligence, upgrading partner ecology, actively exploring enterprise market, and creating world-leading solutions.

According to the data from the third party, Q1 2018 wave ranks the third in the world in terms of the shipments and sales of X86 servers, ranking the first in China for 18 consecutive quarters. Cloud server ranks first in global market share; Storage and shipping capacity ranked first in China.

Since 2017, the company built a complete AI system platform, namely, computing platforms, management suite, framework optimization and application of the four levels of faster, contains the GPU FPGA, such as AI server series, deep learning training AIStation cluster management software, AI performance tuning tool Teye and cluster open source framework Caffe deep learning - MPI complete solution, etc.

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